Friday links “This is not the moment to be complacent about Colombian democracy”
Sep 062009

Or, in English, “While Uribe breathes, may nobody else aspire [to be president].”

Noted by El Tiempo editor Enrique Santos (who attributes it to former Interior Minister Jaime Castro in a must-read column) and Semana magazine, citing Bogotá graffiti.

3 Responses to ““Mientras Uribe respire que nadie aspire””

  1. lfm Says:

    I want to start an informal poll and maybe you can help me with that. Find an uribista (it can be yourself if you are one) and ask her (just to avoid a bunch of pronouns) if she agrees with the third term. If she says “yes,” end the poll. If she says “no” ask her if, in case Uribe is candidate (which looks likely), she will vote AGAINST Uribe or abstain.

    My prediction is that we will start seeing over time a gradual tipping of “third-term-skeptics” toward Uribe come May. They will be saying “You know, I don’t like the idea of a third term, he shouldn’t have done that, but now that he’s running he really is the best candidate, the democratic security will be endangered if he loses, and Darth Vader will conquer Colombia. So, after much had-wringing, I’ll vote for him.” Who do I think will be in that list? Enrique Santos, for sure.

    If you have any data points on this poll, please pass them along.

  2. Louis Says:

    Excellent thought. Does anyone know who besides the newspapers/magazines does public opinion surveys in Colombia?

  3. flashrash Says:

    defeniately bookmarked

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