Off to Bogotá An overview of the DAS Scandal
Oct 062009

… of Colombians think that Álvaro Uribe is the only human being capable of governing Colombia, according to a poll featured in this week’s Semana magazine. This is equal to the percentage that believe someone else could do the job. The poll is full of good news for Colombia’s president as he edges ever closer to seeking a third term.

5 Responses to “Fully 46 percent…”

  1. Boli-Nica Says:

    This kind of views is not a good thing for creating long-term confidence in institutions of sustainable, democratic governance.

  2. Henry Says:

    QUE VIVA URIBE! He has had the foresight, policies, and courage that have been able to successfully beat the criminal/terrorits (FACR/ELN) back to the stone age. Good on him. I would vote for him. Tenia que ser Paisa! :)

  3. Jaime Bustos Says:

    What I can’t get is why Jose o Gaviria, Pablo Escobar’s cousin, and one of the closest wiseguys to Mr Uribe, is complaining today in his weekly article in EL TIEMPO newspaper about Semana Magazine, being an opposition mendacious publication. After the latest scandal, where plenty of incentives were given away to rich families including drug trafficking ones. to continue its oil palm cultivation strategies, Semana mag could not wait to contract a poll to show how good the administration of the corrupt mafia in Colombia has a good image amongst the people inside Colombia nonetheless. Can someone tell me what is Narco Obdulio complaining about? … errr Henry ??? :)

  4. Randy Paul Says:

    Gee Henry, why not just dispense with the presidency and make him king?

  5. Camilla Says:

    I guess they’ve had a lot of bad experiences with widely-praised appeasers, the Davos Crowd and the sort of people the Nobel Committee thinks are giants. I guess they’ve learned that trusting such leaders is such a losing proposition that they desperately cling to the one man who won’t allow terrorists to hurt them. It’s a sorry commentary on past leadership and appeasement efforts in other Colombian governments. Somehow, Colombians don’t like them.

    That said, put me in the red category. I think Juan Manuel Santos could do just as good a job as Uribe.

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