Court: Uribe cannot run for a third term. 0 for 3: anti-drug aid to Guatemala’s police
Mar 022010

Apologies for the light posting this week. I’ve written two articles for two other outlets in the last two days, which has left no time for blog entries. (I’ll link to those articles when they appear.)

Instead, here is a cross-post of a Colombia-related podcast produced for the CIP-LAWG-WOLA “Just the Facts” program. It’s an interview with Roxana Altholz of the University of California at Berkeley Law School Human Rights Clinic, author of “Truth Behind Bars,” a hard-hitting report on 30 Colombian paramilitary leaders’ extradition to the United States, which has complicated efforts to win justice for their victims. (The report was summarized in a recent entry to this blog.)


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  1. Jaime Bustos Says:


    A video came out depicting Uribe’s mood, just seconds after he heard the constitutional court found the referendum for his reelection out of whack:

  2. común Says:

    We were discussing measures of poverty recently and I looked up some statistics on the UNDP site, which has a nice tool that allows you to pick countries and order them according to a multitude of statistics ( I chose two poverty related statistics: 1) Human Poverty Index (HDI) incorporates life expectancy, adult literacy rate, access to potable water, and percentage of underweight children and 2) % of population living on less than $2/day. Colombia ranks fifth in S. America, ahead of 5 other countries in terms of HPI. In terms of the percentage of the population living under $2/day, Colombia is second to last. So the point is that statistics should be used with caution and are often used selectively to promote a specific agenda.

    Human Poverty Index % Living on less than $2/Day
    Chile 3.2 2.4
    Argentina 3.7 11.3
    Uruguay 3.0 4.2
    Venezuela 6.6 10.2
    Brazil 8.6 12.7
    Colombia 7.6 27.9
    Peru 10.2 18.5
    Ecuador 7.9 12.8
    Paraguay 10.5 14.2
    Bolivia 11.6 30.3

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