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April 20, 2010

Two weeks’ notice

Posted in: Admin

Dear “Plan Colombia and Beyond” readers,

At the end of April, I’ll be leaving the Center for International Policy.

This decision owes to financial realities, and has nothing to do with the affection and gratitude I feel for my co-workers, management, board and supporters here at CIP, some of whom have accompanied me for all of my fourteen and a half years here. I hope to continue working with them as part of the community of organizations advocating human rights, demilitarization and social justice in U.S. foreign policy. CIP is a vital organization that deserves your support.

In early May, I’ll be joining the staff of the Washington Office on Latin America, where I’ll coordinate WOLA’s security policy program. While I’m saddened by my departure from CIP, I’m very excited by the opportunities that await me at WOLA.

My work there will be more regional than it has been here. WOLA already covers Colombia extensively, and while I hope to contribute to that, it will not be my main focus. Instead, we’ll be working on transparency and accountability in U.S. military programs, regional defense relations, civilian and military roles in U.S. aid to the region, and other issues to be developed with WOLA’s security team.

This change means that, as of May, “Plan Colombia and Beyond” will no longer be updated. The www.cipcol.org archives will remain online indefinitely, but after five and a half years and over 900 posts, this blog will be retiring.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop using the weblog format, which has greatly multiplied the reach of my work here. I’ll still be contributing constantly to the “Just the Facts” blog (www.justf.org/blog), and intend to launch a new resource at WOLA. Though I don’t know yet what form it will take, I’ll let you know where to find it once it’s up and running, which shouldn’t be long.

From my new position, I’ll continue to work on the “Just the Facts” security-assistance-monitoring website and program (www.justf.org), which WOLA’s executive director, Joy Olson, and I started in 1997 when she was at the Latin America Working Group. That website is going to keep getting better, with even more current, primary information and new analyses.

Thank you so much for visiting and participating in “Plan Colombia and Beyond” since its launch in October 2004. Thanks for making this a successful resource that I’ve always enjoyed working on. I hope it has contributed in some small way toward improving U.S. policy toward Colombia and its neighbors.

So this isn’t goodbye — it’s just “goodbye” from this particular website. Stay tuned, and please keep in touch.

Adam Isacson

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