Colombian presidential polls: a dramatic turn in a single month
May 222010

Hello, everyone. Thank you for visiting. “Plan Colombia and Beyond” is no longer active, as I – the blog’s principal author – have moved to the Washington Office on Latin America, where I’m directing WOLA’s security policy program.

Now that my transition to WOLA is complete, I’ve begun blogging often at the site of the CIP-WOLA-LAWG “Just the Facts” program. Today, for instance, is the first weekly links post, which was a frequent feature on “Plan Colombia and Beyond.” That site allows you to sign up to receive blog entries (among other information) in your e-mail.

Meanwhile, WOLA is in the midst of a total website overhaul. Once that new resource is ready, I’ll launch a new blog there as well. So please keep in touch!

– Adam Isacson

2 Responses to “Status update”

  1. Rodrigo Says:

    Hi, Adam, I am eager to follow your work in your new organization, your reports are wonderful.

    Can you arrange for your reports to be added to a rss chanell instead of email reports in your new organization, this helps chose what to read and when thanks to the rss readers and avoid receiving emails.


  2. Adam Isacson Says:

    The RSS feed at the Just the Facts blog is – sorry, we’ll bring that out more clearly in the page design.

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