Fumigation, seen from Ecuador Soldiers and civilians
Dec 152006
  • Sixty-four members of Congress sent a letter to Secretary of State Rice yesterday asking her to encourage the Colombian government to do more to protect threatened human-rights defenders. Many, many thanks to those who contacted their members of Congress asking them to sign the letter. The letter’s text, complete with signatures, is available as a PDF file.
  • Frank Bajak of the Associated Press has a good investigative piece about Juan Manuel Campo, a Conservative Party boss and strong Uribe supporter. It turns out that Campo heads an Urabá fruit-producing company, a supplier to Del Monte in the United States, that grows much of its crops on lands stolen from their rightful owners by paramilitary groups.
  • Journalist Sam Logan has put together a detailed report (PDF) on the FARC guerrillas’ activities in Colombia’s border zones and Mexico. The maps alone are worth a look.

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  1. jcg Says:

    It’s good to see that the letter received such widespread support. Congrats to all those involved in it.

    One little detail that’s probably worth noticing for no particular reason but accuracy is that the DAS has recently been trying to reduce its participation in protection programs as a whole. Along with its other highly publicized problems, it’s an organization that had assumed far too many functions under a single roof and there appear to be efforts aimed at cutting back on some of them.

    As for the Bajak piece, it’s interesting and worrying at the same time. Whether Mr. Campo is personally and directly co-responsible for the paramilitary incursion or is merely an opportunist is open to debate at this point, but that his company is illegally profiting from stolen land does seem to be rather evident. Which puts its U.S. partners in a rather questionable position, to put it lightly .

    Mr. Logan’s work is also interesting in its own right. The maps are definitely nice and it’s good to see a detailed overview of FARC’s possible activities and presence in Colombia’s neighboring countries and Mexico.

  2. Doppiafila Says:

    Thanks for the link, always quite useful. I’ve downloaded the report and mentioned the banana article on my blog. Thanks again and regards, Doppiafila

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