Critiques of Chávez, from the left Colombia in 2007: a look into the crystal ball
Dec 242006

The Colombian Embassy (its PR firm, anyway) has posted a lovely Christmas card, in the form of a photo montage of some of the country’s stunning scenery and biodiversity.

Enjoy it – and let’s all hope for a peaceful 2007 in Colombia. It would be great if this spectacular wilderness could actually be visited by tourists unafraid for their safety, not by U.S.-funded spray planes.

Meanwhile, posting to this weblog will be sporadic until the new year. Best wishes for a very happy holiday.

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  1. richtiger Says:

    I was surprised not to see more of the people of Colombia in the Christmas card; but it’s nevertheless nicely done.

    Ah, what an exasperating country Colombia is–so much that’s good, so much that’s bad, so much courage and cowardice, so much life and joy, so much misery and death.

    Yes, if Colombians ever emerge from this seemingly endless violence, their country will be one of the most visited by tourists.

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