In Brussels, having a terrible day Notes from last Thursday’s Chiquita-Drummond hearing
Jul 022007

Here, with English subtitles, is a brief (3:42) conversation with Wilson Borja, a Colombian congressman from the opposition Alternative Democratic Pole party. It was recorded in Brussels last Thursday, a few hours after we learned of the murder of eleven Valle del Cauca legislators.

Rep. Borja, a labor leader who has represented Bogotá in the Congress since 2002, talks about the necessity of a humanitarian exchange accord to free the remaining hostages. He argues that the Colombian government should be the most subject to international pressure because it is the only legal, institutional party involved. That is a compelling argument, but I don’t give it a full endorsement. In my view, both sides should be pressured to make the compromises necessary to get to the table.

I do, however, share Rep. Borja’s confusion at the Uribe government’s recent release of guerrilla prisoners, which has yielded no results. And I strongly share his concern for the safety of members of Rep. Borja’s political party; an Alternative Democratic Pole leader was murdered in Antioquia department early last week.

2 Responses to “Wilson Borja: “The entire Colombian opposition is in danger””

  1. jcg Says:

    That violence against opposition members and others continues is a fact. It is therefore entirely warranted and necessary to be concerned about their safety and to oppose such violence at all levels. In the context of the upcoming elections that gains new, relevance and importance as well.

    However, that still being the case, I believe that any comparison with the fate of the UP is rather premature at this point in time. I am not saying that such an outcome is impossible, so to speak, just that the current situation doesn’t resemble it.

  2. Jose Says:

    I don’t understand how can somebody say that opposition in Colombia is not safe. Let me tell you that second candidate to the president election is a communis candidate. In Colombia we are going to vote to whoever promise finish with FARC. Colombians are tired of this Narcoguerrila we just want to exterminate that group.

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