Whose military buildup? President v. Chief Justice
Jan 312008

This is what the room looked like when Piedad Córdoba, an opposition senator and former facilitator of prisoner-for-hostage talks with the FARC, spoke at the Inter-American Dialogue yesterday afternoon. I was only five minutes late, but the Dialogue’s conference room was already overflowing.

Even a year ago, it would have been inconceivable to see this level of interest in an event about the FARC hostage situation here in Washington. Leave aside the Venezuela factor and Sen. Córdoba’s controversial style. It is encouraging that interest in finding a solution to the hostage crisis has increased so much here.

2 Responses to “Big turnout for Piedad Córdoba”

  1. o-lu Says:

    Adam, a proposito de Piedad Cordoba y del patriotismo colombiano, mira la anecdota que narra andremun:

  2. Mrs. Lugo Says:

    To The senator Piedad Cordoba, I was watching a news about the hostages in Colombia, We know the important part that you have in this but the hotel were you are going to make the in communication conference to the press, we saw that theres a public problem of lack of sentivity, several dogs were looking for food at this important hotel and no body cares about those animals, this people that you saved is absolutely important but they are safe now, what about the dogs? who is going to feed them and have a little care to them? the colombian government should have to have a little more care and sensitivity, attention to the street dogs, I can imagen those little kids living in the street, are they important also like this people that you just save?

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