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Feb 052008

My wife just had a birthday ending in “zero,” so we’re going to celebrate with a 5-day vacation in Costa Rica. I’ll have very little Internet access, so there will be no new posts to this blog until February 12th at the earliest. Hasta la próxima semana.

4 Responses to “Back in a week”

  1. Randy Paul Says:

    You and the 20 year old have fun :-)

  2. Camilla Says:

    It’s not ok for you leaving us all here like if we were ding-a-ling crackpots without at least a 15 day notice.

    Wonder where I’ll spend those 15 days writing funny farm boulderdash I’m not sure I even believe myself

  3. jcg Says:

    Good luck.

  4. lfm Says:

    Wow! Adam gets his well-deserved break and in the process triggers a thread full of bonhomie and even self-deprecating humor, two of my personal favorites. Our better angels have prevailed thanks to marital love!! Have fun, Adam.

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