El Tiempo column: The path to peace in the Andes Be our colleague
Mar 172008

Here’s how the media portrays you when your approval rating reaches 84 percent:

(From today’s El Tiempo.)

4 Responses to “Has it come to this?”

  1. Jaime Bustos Says:

    How pathetic, the psyops have been methodically applied to northamericans and now that M.O. has pervaded third world countries. The Leader and God are indistinguishable, to the retards, I mean.

  2. Kyle Says:

    I saw that today and saw the same thing; note that the photo comes from the president’s office and El Tiempo decided to run it. God forbid there were a stringer there or another photographer.

    Similar anecdote, Robert Young Pelton on his travels to Colombia noticed that the military does the same thing. When they destroy a lab, they have one soldier stand in a dangerously stupid spot and look around. He is not doing anything except putting his life in risk. And for what? It’s photographic composition; he’s in the foreground, balances against the background and you can put him on the lines of the golden ratio, and boom: nice photo of a soldier next to a burning coke lab.

    It’s the same here, the presidential photographer used some basic composition to portray a not-so-subtle message. And El Tiempo thinks that message is just great.

  3. Kolya Says:

    Yep, propaganda can be a tasteless business. Not that different from what the Chavistas have done with Chavez and much tamer than what the Cuban media has done with Fidel.

  4. Randy Paul Says:

    Well at least he didn’t have stigmata . . .

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