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Mar 302008

Two weeks ago, following the worst of the crisis between Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, Colombian rocker Juanes organized “Peace without Borders,” a massive, star-studded free concert given on the Simón Bolívar bridge linking Cúcuta, Colombia and San Antonio, Venezuela.

Juanes was joined by fellow Colombian Carlos Vives, Venezuela’s Ricardo Montaner, Ecuador’s Juan Fernando Velasco, Juan Luis Guerra of the Dominican Republic, and Spanish crooners Alejandro Sanz and Miguel Bosé.

For those of us who were unable to attend the concert, there is always YouTube, where dozens of people have been kind enough to post excerpts. Although a three-inch, highly compressed video is really no way to appreciate live music, here are some high points from Paz Sin Fronteras.

Carlos Vives starting things off with “La Hamaca Grande” (5:38)

Juanes – “Me Enamora” (3:53)

Juan Luis Guerra with an unplugged version of “La Bilirrubina” (4:29)

Alejandro Sanz – “Dame tu corazón” (5:23)

Juan Fernando Velasco and Juanes – “Yo nací en este país” (3:24)

All together at the end, singing Juan Luis Guerra’s classic “Ojalá que Llueva Café” (4:30)

5 Responses to “The “Peace Without Borders” concert”

  1. Randy Paul Says:

    I suppose Chávez refused to let Alejandro Sanz in Venezuela again.

    BTW, Carlos Vives’ story is pretty amazing.

  2. Jaime Bustows Says:

    People check this out!

    U.S. Cocaine-Plane Invasion Spooking Latin America
    Medellin Rio Negro Airport Cocaine making it to the US

  3. Tambopaxi Says:

    Yeah, this was carried live here in Ecuador. Quite a show, especially the part with all of these guys singing together. As near as I can tell, this is the first time where all of these guys have been together on the same stage at the same time. I don’t know what Miguel Bose has been doing lately, but he really needs to hit that Slimfast regimen…..

  4. Shannon Says:

    Randy Paul,

    That actually didn’t happen:

  5. Kyle Says:

    Check this out. I think it’s a pretty interesting project for El Tiempo to do. It’s pretty good.

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