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Aug 242008

Reading the stunning story in today’s Semana magazine about meetings earlier this year in Colombia’s presidential palace with emissaries of top paramilitary leader “Don Berna.”

The emissaries offered Uribe government officials surreptitiously recorded information about officials in Colombia’s Supreme Court investigating the “para-politics” scandal. And these officials neither kicked the emissaries out of their office, nor did they alert the proper authorities.

The lawyer of a criminal like ‘Berna’ and a demobilized paramilitary (with one foot in legality) like ‘Job’ clandestinely recorded the star magistrate in para-politics and gave this material to high government officials with the purpose of undermining the Supreme Court’s credibility. And these officials, instead of denouncing this to the authorities, chose to maintain a complicit silence.

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  1. Jaime Bustos Says:

    Adam. Not even when Mr. Samper, former Colombian president, received money from the Cali Cartel, or when Pablo Escobar, cousin of a current state counselor, ransack the land, had Colombia been pestered by the scourge of organized crime. Some are naïve enough to suppose that nothing stands to reason, when it’s not backed up by a nebulous story in some important media outlet. Well, surprise surprise New York Times, surprise surprise Washington Post: The Medellin Cartel is alive and well, thank you, and guess what, its headquarters have moved to the Colombian Government Palace, where it metes out justice and decides who must live.

  2. El Común Says:

    A very troubling story. Even if we accept Uribe’s claims that there was no conspiracy to taint the Supreme Court, it is clear is that Don Berna and the Oficina de Envigado have access at the highest levels of the Palacio de Nariño.

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