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Sep 232008

This blog will be dormant during the week of September 22-26, for three reasons:

  • Its principal contributor has jury duty.
  • After receiving code from the web designers, we’re giving a final facelift to the “Just the Facts” website at This is more time-consuming than it sounds.
  • We’ve got a big funding proposal due October 1.

That unfortunately means no commentary on President Uribe’s Tuesday meeting with Sarah Palin in New York. Other than to wonder what two politicians known for hitting their opponents with over-the-top insults talk about when they get together.

We’ll be back next week.

10 Responses to “Not posting much this week”

  1. Chris Says:

  2. Jaime Bustos Says:

    Probably uribe told her of new methods he and escobar’s cousin have devised lately in order to butcher peasants and maintain high poll ratings. I imagine Uribe saying something like:

    — Take enemy. boom boom, an do as if you don no dah thin.

  3. c Says:

    Anyone know where to access the Corte Suprema de Justicia order of Extradition of the 14 paramilitaries in May?

  4. Steve Says:

    Adam: gets in a burner! Well played!

  5. Adam Isacson Says:

    BTW I want to assure everyone that – as far as I know at least – my decision to suspend the blog and John McCain’s subsequent decision to suspend his campaign are unrelated and purely coincidental. :-)

  6. Jaime Bustos Says:

    Adam I want you to denounce these colombian mofos. I can’t stand them anymore:

  7. Camilla Says:

    Reality intrudes again:

  8. MZR Says:

    Am I missing something here? “Links” Chávez and Carboda to the Farc? How, exactly? Because the Farc says it wants to add “the Chávez administration and the opposition senator” as part of its 14-point plan to fight the Democratic Security policy? Maybe both would kindly refuse an invitation to help out the Farc with its plan? A misleading story, which seems to imply (again) that Chávez is some kind of guerrilla fighter. It’s the same as saying “Paramilitaries see Uribe as ally” and equating this to “Uribe linked with paramilitaries”. The “linked” assertion is quite strong. For example, Carlos Castaño was quoted as saying Uribe is ““the closest man to our philosophy”. But then I wouldn’t quite call this a tangible “link” with Uribe and Castaño. Anyway, maybe we’re jumping the gun a bit (given that more information is not available). So, I guess we will see more “evidence” when the Colombian government releases more “tampered-with” Farc documents.

  9. Lina Says:

    Hi Adam!

    I hope you can give us an update about the sugarcane workers on work stoppage and the Colombian governments repression of their pacific strike.

    Labor rights seems to be an important aspect of Congress’s hesitation about the FTA – shouldn’t this clear disrespect for labor rights completely end the debate about the FTA?

  10. Jaime Bustos Says:

    Well Adam I give up, what are you in jury duty for? FTA? lol!

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