Contradictory versions Military tension over human rights cases
Oct 112008
Colombian President Álvaro Uribe and Interior-Justice Minister Fabio Valencia Cossio on Thursday night, announcing a 90-day “State of Internal Commotion.” The measure gives the President the authority to fire workers in Colombia’s judicial system who have been striking for five weeks to pressure for better wages.
Former Colombian Congressman Óscar Tulio Lizcano has been a hostage of the FARC guerrillas since August 5, 2000. Recent testimony from guerrilla deserters indicates that Mr. Lizcano’s health has seriously deteriorated.
Col. Hernán Mejía, one of the most decorated officers in Colombia’s Army, has been under investigation for a year and a half, accused of colluding with paramilitaries. Two witnesses in his case have been killed and others are too intimidated to provide evidence.
Colombian Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos paid a visit to Russia this week. He discussed possible future counter-narcotics cooperation and arms purchases.
William Johnny Tamayo Hernández, a Colombian narcotrafficker wanted in the United States, was captured in Panama City. I really only include this picture because of the t-shirt.
Citing “irregularities” in their accounting, Venezuelan tax authorities ordered 118 of the country’s 132 McDonald’s restaurants closed for 48 hours this week. Venezuela meanwhile may be facing an economic downturn of its own, as world oil prices fell to $77.70 a barrel Friday – just over half the super-sized price of $145 reached a few months ago.

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  1. Camilla Says:

    Thanks for posting the pic of President Uribe, it’s catnip and my mood is lifted. The story of him getting rid of the leftwing justice department operatives sabotaging justice, hiring serious ones, and enabling cases against killers of union members to now move forward for the advancement of justice and free trade is edifying. It won’t shut up the AFL-CIO, of course, but it will make them move onto another excuse to block free trade. It will be nice to see them dancing like puppets.

    As for Colombia moving on to a Russia patron, I think it makes sense. The US is a hectoring, unreliable partner in the task of getting rid of dopers, its moneymen in Congress constantly lecturing the country on human rights while remaining silent about the human rights violations of the largely Marxist traffickers and of course demanding nothing of them. It makes sense for Colombia to get another big brother in such circumstances, because no matter what Colombia does, it will never be good enough for free trade from Congress and Obama. Why bother with these people then? Why the alliance from nonallies? The beauty of it all is that with Hugo Chavez inviting the Russians in on the east, Colombia inviting the Russians in on the west, (on both sides of the Canal), the Russians will have many reasons to visit and dominate almost the entire northern coast of South America. All because Jim McGovern engineered an underhanded squelching of free trade. Colombia is moving on to other allies now, won’t be needing our services anymore and the US presence in the Caribbean will soon be solely at Russia’s pleasure. Nice little present to give to President Obama. But I don’t blame Colombia, it’s what I’d do, too, if I were running Colombia.

  2. Marcos Says:

    It is the Consejo Superior de la Judicatura, not the President, which has been given those powers.

    The government already decreed a wage increase the other day, before this move, basically what it had last offered ASONAL.

    Some people tried to return back to work but the strikers used force to try and prevent that (because strikers have the natural right to prevent other people from not striking…oh wait, they do not).



  3. Montserrat Nicolas Says:

    Santos does Moscow????
    OMG! The Beatles were so right…you never know how lucky you are.
    [do the Paras have their own t-shirt brand??]

  4. LFM Says:

    Ahhh, CIPCOL! Where you can get front-seat rows to watch the ultra-right´s descent into madness as it stares electoral irrelevance.

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