Fridge magnets from the future Spying on the opposition
Oct 212008

The Colombian network Noticias Uno yesterday broadcast the fascinating video below, which is a guerrillas’-eye view of the impressive military ruse that freed fifteen FARC hostages.

The video adds some new elements to the story. It now appears that the soldier illegally disguised as a Red Cross official was in fact the first to approach, and speak with, the guerrillas, pretending not to speak good Spanish. In an interesting final touch, the delegation left behind a gift for the guerrilla captors: two cases of beer.

At the end of the video, the guerrilla narrator says, “The comrade has gone” – probably referring to one of the captors who accompanied the hostages.

Then one hear’s a woman’s voice off camera, referring to the beer: “Do you know what the guy from the … what’s it called? … the Red Cross said to me? ‘Take care of it, it’s a good gift.’”

6 Responses to ““Operación Jaque,” as seen by the FARC”

  1. Jaime Bustos Says:

    Adam, I know you are smart enough not to believe this kind of stories. The real deal between the United States, France, (etc …), Guerrillas, and Colombia, we might never know in our lifetime.

    When I saw the first video they released the camera man spoke with a Colombian accent. After a few days I heard on the radio that he was faking a Venezuelan accent. There’s no point in wondering what happened (and I for one am not interested).

    One thing’s for sure: money was exchanging hands vertiginously. The only ruse is the one they’re pulling on the incautious public.

  2. Chris Says:

    Red cross man must have had european features to pull off the I don’t speak spanish well…

  3. El Común Says:

    I’d be interested in knowing what Adam thinks about the following article in El Nuevo Herald, and the following post in Colombia Reports.

  4. Drasties - Nou breekt me de klomp. Says:


  5. Jaime Bustos Says:

    Comun, probably you won’t share my stand on this one either, but I think those reports on the herald about the lawyers are disinfo darts. Half true half false.

  6. Jaime Bustos Says:

    Chris, furthermore, it’s well known that for a non spanish native speaking fellow the sound produced by the letter Ñ is the most difficult and only a handful o people get to grasp it. Notice this guy saying “yo no hablo ESPAÑOL” with a PERFECT Ñ . This video also differs tremendously from the others I have seen, and that woman is not ingrid, not to mention the Parkinson struck camera man.

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