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Jan 292009

Medellín’s El Colombiano newspaper appears to have the scoop:

El Colombiano is able to confirm that the Commander in Chief has already made the decision to step aside so that new leaders may take power, and he left in the Uribista coalition’s hands the responsibility to elect a unity candidate who brings together the policies of democratic security, investor confidence and social cohesion, this government’s pillars.

The article says nothing about whether Álvaro Uribe might try to run for a non-consecutive reelection in 2014.

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  1. j. Says:

    The piece in El Colombiano doesn’t say anything that hasn’t been said before. Uribe avoids the question of whether or not he will run claiming that he will not do it as long as the coalition finds a “unity candidate”, but he knows -we all do- that’s practically impossible: Uribe is the only thing all those “uribistas” share in common. After a while he will say that since they weren’t able to find The One he will be forced -poor man- to run once again.

  2. sergio garcia Says:

    No veo nada nuevo en esta noticia del Colombiano. La frase clave del articulo es:

    “… y dejó en manos de la coalición uribista la responsabilidad de elegir un candidato de unidad que recoja las políticas de seguridad democrática, confianza inversionista y cohesión social, pilares de este Gobierno.”

    Es decir, sigue en el aire la amenaza de re-eleccion si los uribistas no logran ponerse de acuerdo en un candidato unico. Un candidato unico del Uribismo diferente a Uribe es casi un imposible hoy en dia…

  3. Jaime Bustos Says:

    It’s pathetic the level colombian politics have stooped down to. Mr. Uribe has everybody talking about him willing to run or not run for president for the third time, all because, as the media heralds befuddled, there’s never been anybody like him. I agree: never in my life had seen such a criminal in power.

  4. anonymous Says:

    CSN to CSN
    show details 2:29 PM (10 hours ago)


    Over 630 indigenous people are camping outside of Colorado-based Muriel Mining Corporation facilities in Chocó (in northwestern Colombia) and calling for an end to mining on their ancestral lands. The multinational company recently began carrying out exploration work in search of gold, copper and molybdenum deposits on the Careperro Mountain, which is considered a sacred site by surrounding Embera-Katío communities. Indigenous leaders assert that Muriel Mining did not carry out a prior consultation with their communities as required by the Colombian Constitution and international law, and instead gathered signatures, sometimes using dishonest means, from individuals not entitled to make decisions on behalf of the entire community. Muriel Mining was granted a 30-year mining concession by the Colombian Government to explore and exploit 16,000 hectares of land located in the Departments of Antioquia and Chocó. Nearly 11,000 of these hectares are located on the ancestral lands of indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities. The Colombian military has moved in to control the territory and to protect the interests of Muriel Mining. The indigenous and Afro-Colombian groups demand that the law be respected, and that they be allowed to reach a community-wide consensus regarding the mining activities on their lands. As these groups depend on the health and biodiversity of the rainforest in which they live, Muriel Mining has a responsibility to discuss with them how their mining activities and the accompanying deforestation will impact the land.

    Please help us put pressure on Muriel Mining and the Colombian Government to respect the rights of the Colombian people.


    To send messages to your members of Congress, please go to our website and see CSN’s Action Center:

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    Presidencia de la República
    Dr. Alvaro Uribe Vélez, Presidente de la Republica
    Or via his website
    Scroll down and click on “Escribale al Presidente”

    General Jorge Rodriguez
    Office of Human Rights

    General Hernan Giraldo
    Commander of the Seventeenth Brigade

    Juan Manual Santos
    Minister of Defense



  5. Santiago García Says:

    Well if Uribe plans to have a sudden change of mind somewhere down the road, he’d better hurry up:

    Los obstáculos son muchos y difíciles. El primero tiene que ver con el cronograma. Al referendo le faltan varios pasos para ser aprobado: dos duros debates en la Comisión Primera y en la plenaria del Senado, y como ese trámite comienza alrededor del 16 de marzo, el proyecto necesitará por lo menos dos meses más para convertirse en ley. Luego, el procurador general -ya estará en el cargo Alejandro Ordóñez- tendrá 90 días para emitir su concepto, y la Corte Constitucional entre tres y seis meses más para estudiar si esa ley se ajusta o no a la Carta Política.

    Si la Corte lo declara exequible, el referendo podría ser convocado para diciembre de 2009 o principios de 2010, a pocas semanas de la elección presidencial. Pero el problema es que mantener la incertidumbre sobre las reglas de juego de la competencia hasta las vísperas de las elecciones, causará traumatismo y aumentará el desgaste de la figura.

    Pero, además, superar el tortuoso camino de las formalidades no garantiza que Uribe podrá ser candidato en 2010. Por las divisiones en sus filas, y por el famoso error en la redacción de la pregunta con la que recogieron las firmas, el Gobierno solo pudo aprobar el texto inicial: el que afirma que para ser elegido para un tercer periodo, Uribe debe haber ejercido dos. Y en la actualidad eso significa que Uribe sólo puede ser candidato en 2014.

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